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How do we know the Bible wasn't lost in all the rewrites and just got made up? Part 1-Unity

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Below is the researched answer to "How do we know the Bible wasn't lost in all the rewrites and just got made up."  This question was asked by one of the boys in my Youth Class during Sunday School.  I thought it was a wonderful way to get started with the blog, however the answer is very long and detailed, so it will take several posts to cover all the information.  Each post will have a theme with the answer, this way it will be easier to read.

Part 1- Unity

The Bible is the basis for Christian beliefs.  With that being said, how do we know that this important document wasn't lost during the rewriting or even just made up?  In order to know whether something was lost or not, we should first know what we're looking for.

The Bible itself is like no other book or set of books.  There is a surreal synchronization in all 66 books that can only be achieved if they were written by the same author.  There is an overlying story of God rescuing men and women from the eternal consequences of sin through Jesus Christ (We will expand more on this in a later post).

The Bible was written over a period of over 15 centuries (Genesis- Revelation) including a 400 year silent period between Malachi and Matthew (this gap separates the Old and New Testament, and begins when Christ came into the picture).
There were about 40 different authors with variant occupations.  A few of which include:
Name Occupation Reference Books Wrote Approx Dates

Moses Prince/Shepherd Exodus 2:10, Exodus 3:1 Ge, Ex, Le, Nu, De 1400 BC

Samuel Priest/Prophet 1 Samuel 3:1, 1 Samuel 3:20 Jud, Ru, 1,2 S 1100 BC

Solomon King 1 Kings 2:12 Pr, Ec, Song 1000 BC

Daniel Political Leader/Prime Minister Daniel 2:48, Daniel 6:1-3 Da 600 BC

Amos Herdsman&Fruit Gatherer/Prophet Amos 7:14-15 Am 790 BC

Matthew Tax Collector/Apostle Matthew 9:9, Matthew 10:3 Mt 55 AD

John Mark Missionary Evangelist 2 Timothy 4:11 Mk 50 AD

Luke Doctor Colossians 4:14 Lu, Ac 60 AD

John Fisherman/Apostle Matthew 4:21-22 Jn, 1,2,3 Jn, Re 90 AD

Paul Tentmaker/Apostle to Gentiles Acts 18:3, Ephesians 3:8 Ro, 1,2 Co, Ga, Ep, Ph, Col, 1,2 Th, 1,2 Ti, Titus, Phm 50-70 AD

These individuals not only lived in different times, but also different places.  As shown on the map below (reference URL at bottom), the Bible was written on 3 Continents (Africa, Asia, and Europe).

Locations where Bible books were written large map

As the overseer and director of His Book, God used people of different walks of life to reach the entire world.  May this be a reminder that when we allow God to use us, we might not see the outcome at that time (Jeremiah), but that doesn't mean we won't make an impact.  I encourage you to cross reference all I say, for it is God who has the ultimate say, I am merely an instrument to look up questions that have been asked.  May God open your eyes and heart as you study His word, and I pray that He will give you understanding and wisdom.


The Bible- God
Willmington's Guide to the Bible- Dr. Harold L. Willmington
Faith Bible Institute- John Yates

Friday, May 22, 2015

A Semi-Short Introduction

What is Teen Inquiries?

Teen Inquiries is the collection of  questions asked by the teens at Brumley Baptist Church in Conway, AR and hopefully from the comments from this blog in the future.  These questions aren't limited to just stuff about the Bible, doctrine, and theology.  But there are also some social issues and relationships, and even some random ones (like does the Bible predict the zombie apocalypse?).  And after the questions are asked and I have some time to do some thorough research, I will post the answers.     

How did you choose Teen Inquiries as the name?

I know it's kinda cheesy, but honestly, because it's teens that are asking the questions in class, that's why "Teen" is in the title.
And as for the second word, according to, inquiry (singular form of inquiries) means: "a seeking or request for truth, information, or knowledge."  That definition seemed to fit pretty much everything I was wanting to cover in the blog, so I went with that.  And just for fun, the blog's nickname is going to be the "TI page" or "TI".

Who is answering the questions?

My name is Desiree' Shaw, I was the Teen Teacher at Brumley Baptist Church.  I am a born again, Bible believing, Child of God.  I was involved with the Missionary Baptist Student Fellowship (MBSF) whilst in college and had the opportunity to go on foreign mission trips (Kenya, New Zealand, Philippines, and Costa Rica).  I have a bachelors in Chemistry with a Biochemistry emphasis from the University of Central Arkansas.  Just a week ago I finished my 3 year course in Faith Bible Institute (  My hobbies include knitting, sewing, watching anime, cosplaying, and playing games (video games, card games, board games, rpg games (such as pathfinder and d&d), word games, I enjoy games in general).
Picture by Abigail Scott